The general public on either side of the pond couldn’t get sufficient of the interactions between the Queen and the president — whoever it was on the time. And the Queen was savvy sufficient to acknowledge that truth and used it to strengthen the alliance.

“If the Atlantic unites, not divides us, ours is a partnership at all times to be reckoned with within the protection of freedom and the unfold of prosperity,” she stated throughout her go to to the George W. Bush White Home in 2007 for her fourth state dinner with an American president. “That’s the lesson of my lifetime. Administrations in your nation, and governments in mine, might come and go … However united we should at all times stay.”

These photographs of Queen Elizabeth glass-toasting, fist-bumping, hand-shaking and horseback-riding with American presidents from 1952 to 2022 underscore how she tried to place that lifetime lesson into apply time and again.

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