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I pray You give Your handmaiden a seed of men, a son, and I will dedicate him before You as a gift until the day of his death. He will not drink wine nor intoxicating drink, and no razor come upon his head' " I Samuel I smile at my enemies; I rejoice.

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One of the favored subjects for their opinions are usually "Ancient Manuscripts" as if they were divinely inspired. And in their opinions the bible is not far and above the other ancient writings but possibly somewhere in the middle, only for quoting it when it fits their evil doctrines. We however do place the Bible far far and above any old writing including Plato Homer Josephus or any other by the world exonerated writ.

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Want to know why people are really leaving the church? Until you can give us something more than a Christian-themed performance piece—something that allows us space and breath and conversation and relationship—many of us are going to sleep in and stay away. Church, you talk and talk and talkbut you do so using a dead language.

Is the seventh day Sabbath still the sign of redemption? Do we still have to keep the Sabbath? These are questions we, the people living in the latter days, need to ask. And the answers for these questions are not written between the ears of your preachers, but it can be found within the Pages of the Qodesh Scripture of YAHUAH — the Scripture and Scripture alone have the answers.

Homosexual behavior in animals is sexual behavior among non-human species that is interpreted as homosexual or bisexual. This may include same-sex sexual activitycourtshipaffectionpair bondingand parenting among same-sex animal pairs. The sexual behavior of non-human animals takes many different forms, even within the same species, though homosexual behavior is best known from social species.

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What is YaHUaH saying to us here in this commandment? Oh to express the beauty of this instruction to readers with only printed words. The bride is no longer called by the name she was born into, but she is now called by her new name… her married name… the name she took on the day of her marriage to him.

Male homosexual behavior carries a high risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections STIs. Ignorance regarding the associated high risk, indulgence inspite of no natural homosexual orientation and not using protective barrier methods can affect the sexual health of adolescents and adults. After obtaining consent from the subjects, questionnaire - based interview used for obtaining data for this observational cross-sectional study.

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Your wisdom and your knowledge have led you astray. And you have said in your heart, I am, and t But evil shall come upon you, not knowing from where it arises, and trouble fall upon you, being unable to put it off, and ruin come upon you suddenly, which you know not.

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Se e also: www. Yahusha was asked about marriage. He didn't indicate that any power joined two in marriage, other than Yahuah.

Modesty is a controversial topic, especially when you throw God into the mix. But in the end, it is the Word of God that should drive our discussions about modesty. What has God revealed about it? First and foremost, a biblical definition of modesty must focus on the heart.


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