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Considering the topic, you probably know very little and feel puzzled. And it is a normal thing to feel so since Erotic art is a complex art and sometimes brings more questions than answers. The list can be huge!

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Erotic art was always under the eye of the public and was often condoned, censored or banned accordingly to the cannons of desirable and moral behavior. Certainly, as the time passed by and the social climate has changed globally, the very perception of it has transformed ; even in the UK, which is often perceived as a conservative society. The time has come for the first ever Erotic Art Exhibition in London, which is going to be presented at Copeland gallery this month.

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Warning: This post contains a fair amount of erotic art. It is, as the title notes, not safe for work. This past winter has been a true test of New York will, pushing city dwellers to the brink of insanity with perpetually gray skies and frigid temperatures that kept even the most stalwart residents indoors, cursing the weather goddesses.

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Early bird rates until August 14th - message for pricing. Last year Painter Victor Sanchez paintervictorsanchez won our overall best art piece award :. Submit your erotic art now! Join us at what will be one of London's most talked about events this year!

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Eroticism and erotic art in the form of paintings and drawings can be an infinite well of joy and inspiration. We all surely have our own views about what is erotic and that is something we should consider as a treasure in life. You must be a friend of erotic art or at least curious because you entered my page.

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When you think of the word eroticait's entirely possible you still picture romance novel covers with Fabio shirtless by the ocean. And that totally counts! But fortunately, the medium has become a little more adventurous than that.

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This convenient service provides a wide selection of erotic art from all over the world in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It is an invaluable source for art collectors, whether for the sheer love of erotica or as an investment in this fast growing field of art. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to enjoy reproductions of unique and exciting artworks, many not to be seen anywhere else!

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Erotic art covers any artistic work that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of sexual activity. It is a type of erotica and includes drawings, engravings, films, paintings, photographs, and sculptures, and writing. The definition of erotic art is somewhat subjective, and dependent on context since perceptions of both what is erotic and what is art vary.

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Since the beginning of civilization, humans have incorporated sexuality into erotic art, worship, and daily life. There have been cultures and times were explicit references to sexuality were more accepted by societal norms, and times when there have not. However, the repressive view of sexuality espoused by the Church in the Middle Ages, and then the repressed sexuality of the Victorian era have left many in the Western world believing that few if any in the past were willing and able to accept and even revel in their sexuality.

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