Vaginal bleeding in baby girls

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My nine-month-old daughter has a thick white vaginal discharge, which I noticed while changing her diaper. Could she have been sexually abused? Why you should allow your child to watch cartoons.

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Request an Appointment. Refer a Patient. Accepted Insurance Plans.

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Genital bleeding is a common complaint in the pediatric population. Data on the incidence is hard to find because most cases are taken care of as outpatients and statistics aren't available. Although most cases are not serious, it usually causes parental anxiety and prompt evaluation is recommended and warranted.

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Jo Harris April 07, Sometimes your baby may be born with a condition that affects their genital area, or they may develop an issue involving their genitals in their first few years of life. Most of these conditions are temporary, and may not require any treatment, but others may present ongoing issues for your little one.

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Following exclamations of "It's a boy! If you've never seen a just-born baby, don't be alarmed. Whether you have a boy or girl, there are certain things you may notice -- besides the obvious differences.

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One of the most common questions new parents often ask is in regards to the diapering care of their brand new babies. Some parents have actually never changed a diaper before, it's important to go over all aspects of diapering a baby. One situation frequently surprises new parents—when they peel back that first diaper on their baby girl and find what looks a lot like bloody discharge coming from their daughter's vagina.

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When you breastfeed your newborn baby girl, you may notice a red or pink discharge in her diapers. It is very common in newborn baby girls and passes with time. But, you need not freak out.

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Adolescent Gynaecology. The perineum is best examined either with the girl supine with heels together and knees flexed and hips abducted, or in the lateral position with knees drawn up to the chest. Mild vulvovaginitis, comprising itch, discharge, redness, and sometimes dysuria, is a very common problem. In mild cases, no investigations are necessary swabs, if taken, usually grow a mixture of perineal organisms.

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However, after the baby is born, she is no longer exposed to these hormones, so her little body goes through withdrawal. You may notice that the vaginal area is swollen right after birth, and she may even have whitish discharge in the vaginal area, called physiologic leukorrhea. You may also notice a little vaginal bleeding in the diaper due to the estrogen withdrawal.

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A 3-year-old previously well girl presented with her mother with a 3- to 4-day history of yellow-green vaginal discharge. The mother reported that the child has had some intermittent vaginal itching as well, but no complaints of pain. There has been no bloody vaginal discharge. The child has been potty trained for approximately 9 months, and she has not had any recent urinary or stool accidents.


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