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The vagina dentataAKA a pussy with teeth, has haunted mythology and horror stories for centuries. Now a movie called Teethdirected by Mitchell Lichtenstein and showing at Sundance next year, reimagines this male nightmare as a female triumph. Dawn is a mutant who discovers that she's well-defended "down there" when she's nearly raped and — well, you can connect the dot.

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David Ehrlich. A prophecy foretells that some magic Japanese millennials will be endowed with he power to defeat the Corvins and free the Draculas, the final blood war set to erupt in post-Olympic Tokyo circa Introduced via a vintage Sono setpiece, during which a smiling cartoon sociopath dressed in pink fur guns down an entire izakaya, Manami is in for a long night full of terrors.

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Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself or your partner during sex? This is the nickname for you. Should potential partners stay away from you?

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T hese days, it seems no raunchy femme-centric Hollywood comedy or TV sitcom is without its obligatory vagina reference. But Hollywood, as ever, is all talk. In an industry run by overgrown schoolboys, breasts remain the primary female erogenous zone.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: Vaginas TV Movie

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Sign in. Watch now. A very "talented" actor and guitar teacher tries his luck in some movie and theater auditions with a self-contained monologue that he wrote.

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Dawn has Vagina Dentata: genital teeth that cause men who enter her without consent end up viciously emasculated. Dawn is the head of her chastity group at school as well as a devout Christian. She guards her sexuality carefully, at first unaware of her built in defenses. Our first hint that something is amiss comes in the opening shot of the movie, when a young Dawn and and her step brother Brad, are playing in a kiddie pool.

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Chatterbox addressed in the opening credits as Chatterbox! The film stars Candice Rialson as a hairdresser who discovers her vagina has the power of speech after it derisively comments on a lover's performance. Her talking vagina has a mind of its own, which includes a desire to sing; they wind up exploited by her psychiatrist, who launches her on a career in show business.

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This guest post by Belle Artiquez appears as part of our theme week on Violent Women. Teeth is a horror film that was directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein based on the story of a young girl who finds out she has teeth inside her vagina. Mind blowing stuff, I know.