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B reast Reduction Surgery. The breast reduction surgery is where tissue is removed from the breasts. With this reduction in size their will be excess skin that is removed during the procedure.

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Breast reduction surgery is often called mammoplasty or boob reduction. It is cosmetic surgery to reduce the size and weight of your breasts and it can also enhance your breast shape. Large breasts can cause a number of issues for women.

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Breast reduction surgery Sometimes referred to as Mammoplasty is a Plastic Surgery Procedure to reduce the size of large, big breasts for those who wish to feel more comfortable and achieve more desirable body proportions. Breast size is not the only concern when carrying out Breast Reduction Surgery, at London Bridge Plastic Surgery our 20 years of breast surgery expertise ensures that you achieve the breast shape and size you desire in a safe, comfortable procedure while minimising surgical scars as much as possible. Breast reduction surgery means that the breasts if very large can be reduced to be in proportion to the rest of the body.

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Breast reduction, technically known as mammoplasty, is a surgical technique that reduces the breast size, achieving a smaller and firmer breast in proportion to the rest of the body. Apart from aesthetic considerations, breast reduction surgery may also relieve related physical problems, such as backache, neck ache and even psychological problems that can affect personal relationships. The operation is often combined with a breast lift mastopexyto achieve the best result for the patient.

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For patients who want to pay for minimal waiting times, premium service and choice. We accept NHS referrals. Patients receive NHS treatment at no cost in a premium environment.

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Breast reduction is a surgical procedure which involves removing excess breast tissue and skin to reduce the size of the breast. This surgery can help relieve the discomfort caused by large breasts, such as back and neck pain, grooves on the shoulders from bra straps and rashes under the breasts. There are various techniques that surgeons can use to perform this operation.

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The size of your breasts is determined by a number of factors including; genes, hormones and body frame. For some people, if their breasts are very large in proportion to their bodies it may prevent them from wearing certain items of clothing but, can also cause back pain, poor posture, skin infections under the breast and the inability to take part in some sporting activities. A breast reduction will remove excess skin, fat and breast tissue to reduce the size and weight of your breasts. It will also lift the position of the nipples, and can be used to make asymmetrical breasts more similar.

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Although many women wish to increase the size of their breasts, there are also a great number who find their larger bust size affects their confidence, happiness and the way they live their lives. As well as affecting the way you feel wearing certain items of clothing, larger breasts can contribute to specific medical complaints such as backache, neck pain and chafing bra straps. A larger bust size can prevent you from partaking in certain sports and activities and can cause great psychological distress.

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Having well-shaped, full breasts is widely regarded as being ideal. Breast reduction surgery may become necessary if the size of the breasts causes physical problems, such as backache or emotional distress. The London Clinic offers breast reduction for women who are distressed about the size of their breasts or who have developed physical symptoms such as back or neck pain.


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