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I launch my hips forward, press into the palms of my hands, and hear and feel it all at once, a loud, unmistakable sound, like air being let out of a balloon or my toddler daughter blowing a raspberry. But then the sound goes on. The rest of the class continues their sun salutations, but I am frozen.

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Beyond vart, you may hear it called a queef, fanny fart, daisy pump, or booty burp, among others. It can happen whether you're doing yoga or. I love shoulder stand.

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The room is totally silent. You farted. A quick glance around to see if anyone noticed. Did that person just turned out?

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Yes, it's embarrassing, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Not sure what a queef is? It goes by many names including vart and vaginal fart, but it most definitely is not the same thing as a fart.

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Although I struggle with knowing whether or not I have the right be doing it at allI find yoga to be incredibly restorative and beneficial for both my mind and body. I did yoga while I was pregnant, and I do yoga once a week at a local studio. Postpartum, while doing legs-up-the-wall pose at home, alone, thank goodness I noticed some significant and troublesome changes to my pelvic floor.

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My sisters. My mothers. My daughters.

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Potentially one of the most embarrassing thing that can possibly happen in a silent yoga class has just happened to you. It has nothing to do with the Thai food you ate last night, nor does it have anything to do with farting at all. In the most simple explanation, queefing happens when your vagina sucks in a bunch of air and then blows it back out. It especially happens during classes like Yoga and Pilates- because when your hips are in the air changing positions, it makes it a lot easier for air to get inside, however that is — only if your pelvic floor muscle is not engaged.

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Fanny farts, Varts, Queef, Daisy pumps, front botty-burps personal fav are all wonderful terms for one of the most embarrassing occurrences in a yoga class if you have a Vagina. All you can do is keep calm and carry on. I am sorry to inform you but if you have a lady garden then it can happen to you.

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If you have ever experienced vaginal flatulence or farting, you know it can turn anything into an embarrassing moment. Think about yoga, sex, getting up after an urogynaecological examination, or getting off the floor in an exercise class. Let's take a closer look at what causes it and what we can do to fix it.


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