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By Marisa Dellatto. October 18, pm Updated October 18, pm. When the condom is exposed to water or moist environments — including those in human orifices — hydrophilic polymers react to make the surface slick.

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A new "super condom", that is both anti-HIV and more sexually pleasurable than traditional condoms, will soon be available, scientists claim. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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Condoms are also readily available at your nearest convenience or drug store. A condom creates a barrier between you and your partner during sex. It prevents your skin and fluids from coming into contact with that of the other person.

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The breakthrough is a polymer coating, which goes on top of an otherwise typical latex condom during the production process. Hydrophilic materials exist in the natural world too; some beetles have adapted to use hydrophilic regions on their backs to find water in the desert. Its simple logic? The team hopes to bring a condom with this technology to market in the next year or two, Grinstaff tells Co.

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Male condoms are cheap, easy to manufacture, easy to distribute, and available globally, including in resource poor settings, through numerous well developed distribution channels. Condoms have almost universal product recognition. There are few places on earth where condoms are not recognized or not available.

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Condoms are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections STIs. Consistent and correct use of condoms can also prevent unintended pregnancies. You can get free condoms and other safer sex products across the city.

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On average, sexual intercourse can last anywhere from to thrusts. It's a wide window, and totally dependent on personal stamina. But now, scientists have invented a condom that can last for 1, thrusts, setting some very ambitious goals for the limits of human endurance.

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Condoms get a bad rap for no reason. Some people think they're bulky and obtrusive, and that they kill the mood. Breaking news: If you think that all condoms suck, you're not using the right ones, buddy.

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Scientists have invented a new self-lubricating condom with money from Bill Gates, and it could cut down on sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies by making condoms more appealing to use. The study, published in the Royal Society Open journaldescribes how the rubber latex is coated with a thin layer of hydrophilic polymers that, upon contact with moisture, become slippery to the touch, making the lubricant last longer and removing the need to add more lubricant during sex. It could last at least 1, thrusts without losing slipperiness and should be more comfortable than regular condoms.

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The condom is an odd little thing; trailing behind the willy warmer on the list of least admired penis sheaths. An object of derision rather than affection, it is touted round the boudoir with about as much amore as a gammy foot, used with the greatest of discretions, before being discarded like a slice of out-of-date ham. It is, however, in its functionality that the condom truly excels.


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