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The objective of BFS, compared to other schedulers, is to provide a scheduler with a simpler algorithm, that does not require adjustment of heuristics or tuning parameters to tailor performance to a specific type of computation workload. Kolivas asserted that these tunable parameters were difficult for the average user to understand, especially in terms of interactions of multiple parameters with each other, and claimed that the use of such tuning parameters could often result in improved performance in a specific targeted type of computation, at the cost of worse performance in the general case. Shortly following its introduction, the new scheduler made headlines within the Linux community, appearing on Slashdotwith reviews in Linux Magazine and Linux Pro Magazine.

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Bless this week! It brings not one but two documentaries about Fyre, the failed influencer-targeted music festival that instantly defined a generation when it went viral in Fyre Fraud centers on a rotating series of talking heads, most notably the festival's founder Billy McFarland, who is currently doing time in federal prison.

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What The Fuck Is This? Humoral theory—the idea that every person is comprised of four humors associated with the four fundamental elements—was the reigning explanation for the workings of our innards for millennia. First codified by Hippocrates and Galen, the theory guided medical thought all the way into nineteenth century Europe.

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Alright so I have kind of a weird problem. I need to rotate a parent object in order to orient a child object to a specific direction. I'm working in VR which means my child object is tracked and I can't fuck with its rotation in any way, I can only rotate the parent object. Now I need to align this child object to some variable direction at runtime by changing the parent orientation.

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There are two things we have assumed to be true since the first episodes: when we increase the X coordinate things get drawn more to the right, and the pixel 0,0 is at the top left corner of the display. We now discover that the X axis does not always point to the right: if we call rotate the X axis can point anywhere, like the needles of a clock. We could turn our graphics up side down using rotate.

The power to shape this community is in your hands. Keep it fun, keep it respectful and remember that in the end -- it's just a game. I missed the invaded capital stronghold last round so I have to wait for the last part of nemesis.


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