Introducing kittens to adult indoor cats

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Join Now. Bringing a new kitten into the household is a special and exciting time for all the family Regardless of how good-natured your current cat is, she's still a cat and is therefore instinctively very territorial and aware of her place in a strict social pecking order.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. As we all know, cats are intensely territorial beings.

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Your cat is probably used to being the only cat around and probably had complete run of the house. The key points to consider when introducing cats are:. Not all cats will get on with each other.

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Thinking of adopting a second cat? Here are some tips that can increase your chances for establishing a peaceful multi-cat home. For that reason, first impressions are extremely important when meeting other household pets. Why adopt from AHS?

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Transitioning from only child to sibling can be tough. Successfully introducing two cats, in many cases, is not going to happen overnight. Before making a commitment, pet owners should consider whether the kitten in question will be a good match for their cat — especially where energy levels and personality are concerned.

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And as every cat owner knows, most cats prefer to rule the roost. While it make take awhile, eventually your older cat can learn to share their castle with a new family member, and will over time learn to coexist peacefully with another feline — and eventually become friends! Rushing the introduction process will only stress both kitties out, and can end up in serious fights.

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Wouldn't it be nice if all it took to introduce a new cat to your resident pet were a brief handshake and a couple of "HELLO, My Name is We don't have a crystal ball to predict whether or not your pets will be friends, but we do have techniques that will increase your chances of success. Most importantly, try to choose a cat with a similar personality and activity level to your current pet.

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Meow do you do? We are your resource for all things cat and all things Litter-Robot: tips and tricks, health and humor, and general feline fun. Getting a kitten is one of the most exciting things that can happen in life.

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To avoid stress for you and your kitties, use the following six tips during the acclimatization process. When adopting a new cat, the first order of business is always to provide your feline with a safe place. This space gives your cat a sense of familiarity and a place to retreat to if the rest of the house ever gets overwhelming.

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Many cat owners do not realize their friendly, single adult cats may have trouble getting along with a new kitten. A new kitten is typically eager to make friends, but the older cats in the household may want nothing to do with the younger one. These behaviors are because cats do not like change, especially when it involves their established territory.


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