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The average couple looks forward to lifelong of sexual bliss once their love for each other is confirmed and established as genuine. Described as Postural Tachycardia Syndromethe rare medical condition, doctors say, causes the victim to faint suddenly whenever sex is ongoing. Twenty-eight-year-old Laura was diagnosed with the debilitating condition inand her first pregnancy allegedly triggered it.

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Specifically it sounds like it happens when she comes. Should I warn him there might be a problem? To quote the nice doctors on medicine.

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Sign up or log in to share. This isn't so unusual I had a girlfriend that passed out when things got really heated after she came. She'd literally panic because she'd basically have another orgasm while she was already cumming I don't know what a female orgasm is like but it certainly looked intense because a few minutes afterwards she'd be sleeping like a baby.

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She was talking about a graphic on the screen at the time when, over a period of 10 seconds or so, her speech became halting and slurred — and then there was silence. After a CNN colleague filled in briefly, Ms. Harlow, who is pregnant, reappeared and reassured her audience that she was fine. She explained that she got a little warm, fainted briefly, and now felt fine.

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Sex can be tricky enough as it is, what with awkward angles and new partners and stuff, without having to worry about fainting during the deed itself. But for one unlucky girl, year-old Laura Crow, that's a reality she has to deal with thanks to the bizarre medical conditions she's been diagnosed with. Laura was told she has an unusual illness called postural tachycardia syndrome PoTS - which is actually the same thing Deliciously Ella was diagnosed with, and claims her clean eating cured her of - back in

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Although it was published earlier in the month, this week it made headlines after Natalie Portman disputed his account of their relationship, and even that they had a relationship at all. And did we mention the celebrities? It is worth noting that Moby is now 10 years sober and that the profits from this memoir are going to an animal-rights charity.

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This one would be hard to believe unless a picture had not shown up on Facebook. A sock-less man wearing a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt was found passed out in the urinal of a bar in England and subsequently published on Thump News by Josh Baines. Anyone reading this is having a better time than the morning this man woke up and came to fully comprehend his situation.

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Anyone can experience blood in their semen, also called haematospermia hee-ma-toh-sperm-ee-ahat any time after puberty. At orgasmsperm and fluid semen travel from the testicles, through the urethra the tube that connects the bladder with the penis and out of the tip of the penis. Bleeding can happen anywhere along the way, and the semen can have a brown or red colour. Most of the time there is no pain, and blood is noticed after ejaculation.

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Is it normal to almost black out every time you have sex? No, that's not normal. And you should go see a doctor.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Sex fainting?


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