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Confession: I never saw this 10 years ago. I wanted to, it looked cute, got great reviews, and I love Amy Adams, but I never got around to it. So subversive.

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Gift Certificates Available Here! Played by Amy Adams, Giselle is sent tumbling down a magical well, and finds herself in a non-animated, fast-paced environment with no enchantment, aka New York City. Giselle, foreign to this new environment, begins to fall in love with the man who first helped her upon her arrival in NYC, divorce lawyer, Robert Philip Patrick Dempseyand proves that one can find love in a disenchanted world like New York City.

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The Buzz: Cartoon enchantment meets Manhattan chaos in this latest musical hit. Enchanted tells the story of Giselle Amy Adamsa princess banished from her homeland by her beloved prince's Hairspray 's James Marsden evil stepmother Susan Sarandon. The Kingdom of Andalasia is a blissful cartoon world, magical and carefree, so the exiled Princess Giselle is in for a rude awakening when she crawls out of a sewer into the manic mayhem of Manhattan.

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Updated: August 4, pm. The film is chock-full of winking nods to classic Disney films. If you added water to the eight-minute opening you would have a full minute movie.

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I saw Disney's 'Enchanted' today and it was lovely! Amy Adams was wonderful and a perfect Disney Princess. Don't worry, I shall update my works-in-progress soon.

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In this surprisingly sophisticated riff on animated fairy-tale movie cliches, a chirpy animated princess is banished to the real world of New York City, where there are no happily ever-afters. Poor trusting Giselle, with her poofy wedding dress and sunny dearth of street smarts, is quickly robbed, drenched by the inevitable sudden squall, and reduced to knocking on the door of a billboard illustration of a castle, looking like a bona fide crazy lady. Fortunately, fate delivers her into the reluctant custody of divorced divorce lawyer Robert Patrick Dempseywhose little daughter, Morgan Rachel Coveyloves all things princess and persuades daddy to keep her, at least temporarily.

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Enchanted is Disney's Affectionate Parody of, well, a Disney moviespecifically the ones that spawned the Disney Princesses. Giselle lives in the beautiful animated land of Andalasia, where Genre Tropes abound. But his stepmother, the wicked Queen -Regent Narissa, doesn't want to surrender the throne, so she throws Giselle down a Portal Pool to modern day, live action, New York City.

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Finding the fresh response in obvious situations has become a specialty for Amy Adams - never more so than in Enchanted, in which she plays a fairy-tale beauty named Giselle who tumbles down a well in the magic kingdom of Andalasia and ends up peering out from a manhole in Times Square. Over the phone from Manhattan, Adams says that when she read the Enchanted script she saw that "it was a different incarnation of the classic fish-out-of-water story, the way it was told. That word "open" immediately sparks in any Adams-follower's mind a connection between Giselle and her previous characters, especially Ashley in Junebug. Adams may grow into stardom in Enchanted, a highly promoted Disney comic fantasy, but she first invaded movie lovers' hearts in the independent Junebug, an inspired piece of comic Americana.


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