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Police have released evidence photos and recorded interviews with many witnesses, which were posted in full by the Alaska Dispatch News. Multiple witnesses identified him as Korey Klingenmeyer and said they saw Bristol punch him in the face repeatedly. A Republican senator held up the confirmation of a White House budget official this week in an attempt to obtain sensitive information about border wall contracts he has been trying to steer to a major donor, according to emails obtained by The Washington Post.

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Not a bad salary for a knocked up high school drop out. The kicker? According to US Magazine — not commonly considered a source of breaking news or solid journalism — Bristol Palin and Levi Whatsisname are now engaged to be married…again.

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Below, a brief timeline of the drama that's emerged from the Palin sphere. She went after him on Facebook, hurling derogatory insults like "gay" and "faggot. Hopefully her mom will sit Willow down and explain to her that, as a Palin, she has to set a good example. Learning nothing from her younger sister's experience the year prior, inBristol Palin was caught yelling similarly anti-gay slurs to a man at a bar.

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For those without video capability, here's the beginning and end of their fight, for your reading enjoyment:. Heckler: Did you ride Levi like that? Heckler: Your mother's a whore!

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Remember that time that the Palins all got together to look at Russia from their house and just wave to it a little and instead of a nice gathering where everyone talked about what a hero Bristol was for abstaining from sex, it turned into a fight with some old man calling her a "cunt" and a "slut"? Here's audio. TMZ has made another deal with the devil unless Harvey Levin is satan himself and has obtained audio recordings of Bristol's statement, complete with crying, swearing and a frustrated Sarah Palin reminding Bristol not to curse during the recording.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. I haven't cracked up like this since the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie was released.

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I woke up Sunday very sore and somewhat sick. I also ordered a pizza and ate it whole in less than 30 minutes. Saturday was simple.

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Bristol said Wednesday she couldn't remain quiet about the fight any longer, writing that she and her family were being treated differently in the media because they are conservatives:. That's the real Vice President's kid… So pause for a moment and consider the hysteria over our stupid "incident", compared to our actual Vice President's son not even being able to hold on to a position in the Navy Reserve. I'm sure you heard the happy news that Chelsea Clinton had a baby.

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We have had a feeling around here that there was a reason Sarah Palin very conspicuously fell out of the public eye during last year's election. And she was having such fun speaking in tongues at Trump rallies like the town drunk! There was the thing where Todd Palin was badly injured in a snowmobile accident, but "giving Todd's peen one thousand sponge baths" didn't explain her absence. Bristol immaculately conceived again, but "burping Bristol's assorted offspring like a good grandma" didn't explain it either.