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We my nigga set! I don't give a fuck where you lay at nigga It's time to slay these bitch made Where my thugs at? What you gone do with this shit?

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Translate Email Print. Grit 2. Lined In Chalk 3.

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Please keep all posts relative to SHWB. Favourite bones quote? Mine is from casey jones: "Voted in school number one most hated, voted in life the one most likely to fuckin' make it so i made I bitch".

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Get slugged and get drugged, my niggas'll hustle to pay the judge. Got you, when I spot I should pop you, even the boss was tellin' me not to, but I won't stop until they get shot, when they get out the hospital, I bet they shot, too. Your last won't greet him and they got better walkin' and we even, when I leave and flees to Cleveland, now, murder 'em and rest in peace and good-bye, we're shuttin' it down, and yo, we're proud of niggas from? Cry loud and go.

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In pop, Hip-Hop all that, because every genre in music right now is structured off us. The Cleveland, Ohio artist got specific about who he was talking to, and the class that he is defending. But we the best.

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Volume One, consisting of hit songs between andwas released on November 24,on Ruthless Records. Volume Two was released in In the DVD special features section, go to "Change the World" extended version and press the right arrow button; this will take you to six Bone Thugs-n-Harmony commercials.

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Toggle navigation Sasslantis. We're shutting it down And now we're prowling niggas from alleys Cloning our sound, we found your town Now is you ready for the war? Cry loud and go Many if all niggas 'll fall off in they sleep And even oppose and order them hoes Gonna flee with me?

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And If you don't like it, then we tell 'em fuck it Nigga suck a dick or somethin', nigga what? Who be the niggas that's sneakin' the pistol up in the party? Drink that Barcardi? Drunk and finna fuck up somebody?

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I interviewed Broken Bones twenty years ago and then after that it have happened a lot of things. Some of the guys in the band seems to be in the wrong mood but what the fuck. Here it is The Broken Bones interview, done in august

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