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Same with girls. You also gotta consider that he may have hit your breast out of habit. The problem now a days is that most teachers only teach for competition and in many schools, targeting certain areas is lost or barely practiced.

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Last Friday, when reports surfaced that the New York State Athletic Commission briefly pulled UFC strawweight Pearl Gonzalez from her bout at UFC because she had breast implants, it sounded ridiculous enough to be true: considering the fledgling commission's history and the snafus to follow, yanking a fighter from a card at the last minute based on medical information presumably received much further in advance kept with its reputation. The commission ultimately cleared Gonzalez to fight Cynthia Calvillo after speaking with her physician, but language prohibiting fighters with breast implants is still on the books in New York. This isn't the first time we've heard of a jurisdiction barring fighters with breast implants for fear of rupturing a bag of saline or silicone: inwe wrote about a similar measure put in place by the Louisiana athletic commission. But just how susceptible are breast implants to MMA-induced damage, and what does it really mean to rupture an implant?

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Apart from not getting hurt in the breasts, the biggest reason is that using a well-made breast protector gives you confidence to be the best you can in your game. Modern breast and chest protection that meets relevant standards is sleek, anatomically correct and comfortable, and is worn under your sports gear in place of a sports bra unable to be detected. Because the breast protection encapsulates breasts, it is also very supportive, in fact QP Sport CoolGuard performed considerably better than leading sports bras during testing at the University of Portsmouth.

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The breasts are composed of mainly fatty tissue with the mammary glands and muscle. The muscle is deep so cannot help much in supporting the breast. Coopers Ligaments help hold the breasts up.

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Our bodies are structurally different, and those differences should be considered in certain situations. But not all, and certainly not most where martial arts is concerned. Usually I tend to err towards equality in all situations, especially when it comes to training.

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It's ironic that we do this when male soccer players will roll around on the ground in agony at least until they get a penalty when they take the slightest knock. Aside from the pain that a hit to the breasts causes, it also takes your focus off the game and reduces your enjoyment of the sport you love. Impact injuries to the breasts can cause bruising and in severe cases lumps to be formed in the breast.

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I have never been instructed to avoid boob punches lol. I have also never been asked by the commission if I had implants or not and definitely not had their doctors do an exam. Funny thing though.

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