Goldfish at bottom of tank

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If you own goldfish and love having them as pets, it can be very distressing if they show signs of dying. There are many reasons a goldfish may die, from disease to depression. But by taking early steps, you may be able to save a dying goldfish and even enjoy him for years.

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Goldfish Swim bladder disorderalso called swim bladder diseasecauses Goldfish to have buoyancy or balance problems. This could be seen as:. Some fancy varieties such as Pearl scales have been developed to such an extent that their bodies resemble golf balls.

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Your question might be answered already! And always test the water before writing a comment. This is the first part in the goldfish disease series.

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Bottom sitting has a wide range of definitions when it comes to fish. Goldfish or Koi affected by nitrates do lay on the bottom. The increased weight or pressure of the water relieves the pressure caused by nitrates.

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The cure is often a lot simpler than you might be expecting, and sometimes a few simple changes can quickly resolve things. If you have any questions, or would like advice specific to your fish, please consider joining one of our recommended forums where there are experienced fishkeepers who will be able to help you. If you go into a fish shop and ask for advice on a floating fancy goldfish there is a strong possibility that they will sell you one of these products.

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My goldfish keeps lying down on the bottom of her tank in one corner. She's normally a bit crazy and swims around all the time but she just keeps settling there for ages. When I go to the tank she starts swimming around again so she obviously isn't so ill that she can't swim but I don't think its normal for her to just sit in the corner for hours at a time.

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Goldfish are one of the most popular fish amongst aquarists. Though they can grow quite large as adults and therefore demand a large tank they can tolerate cold water and do not require a heated aquarium. They are also very commonly found in outdoor, man-made ponds and water gardens.

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Lemon began her life as one of many oranda goldfishswimming around an overcrowded, dirty pet store tank. One day, a kind person spotted her, and decided to take her home. In her new tank, Lemon grew bigger and stronger, but her lopsided jaw, a facial deformity which had gone unnoticed in the store, continued to cause issues, until the right side of her mouth collapsed completely.

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Goldfish care tips: Take good care of your goldfish. There are many different materials available to furnish the ground of your goldfish tank, and at least as many different opinions on which is the best for using with goldfish! Goldfish are relatively destructive fish compared to most other species, as well as some of the most voraciously hungry, which may even suck up some of the substrate itself if sand or gravel is used with them! So one option that is more common for using with goldfish than with other types of fish is simply to leave the bottom of the goldfish tank bare.


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