Sexual attractents

In question in particular are human pheromones, and whether these airborne chemical messengers attract unwitting, even unwilling, members of the opposite sex. While scientists have documented the fact that such chemical communication exists in hundreds of species from insects to apes, they have been generally unable to agree on whether or not human pheromones exist and, if they do, whether or not they influence attraction. These days, you can buy pheromones in spray cans.

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Love might be in the air on Valentine's Daymetaphorically speaking. But scientists have long debated whether love—or, at least, sexual attraction—is literally in the air, in the form of chemicals called pheromones. Creatures from mice to moths send out these chemical signals to entice mates.

In the s, the noted French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre noted that male moths were fpheromonelying for miles around to visit a female moth caged in his lab. Fabre speculated that the female moth was emitting a chemical scent that was attracting the males. But it is doubtful if he has an awareness of being caught in an aerosol of chemical attractant.

Every pest has its own biological cycle and a number of generations per year. Therefore in each zone it is necessary to know at what time exactly the pest is active as an adult. The different generations for a pest may vary due to the temperatures of the habitat where they are found.

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Some companies, such as the Athena Institute, which, according to its founder, Winnifred Cutlerpublished its th consecutive ad in The Atlantic this month, assert that scientific studies back up their claims. The problem with [pheromone] companies is not specific to them. Within the scientific community, pheromones are broadly defined as chemical signals released by an animal that induce specific effects on other members of the same species.

The periodicity of insect activity is affected by endogenous and exogenous factors, and these factor thresholds often limit its activity. The flight activity within 24 h circadian rhythm is often influenced by light, whereas the abundance is affected by temperature. This study aimed to hourly follow the flight activity of the peach PFF and Mediterranean MFF fruit flies, at guava orchard, using sexual and olfactory attractants.

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Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual, to impact the behavior of the receiving individuals. Pheromones are used from basic unicellular prokaryotes to complex multicellular eukaryotes. In addition, some vertebratesplants and ciliates communicate by using pheromones.

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A study in the current issue of BMC Biology has identified a mouse major urinary protein as a pheromone that attracts female mice to male urine marks and induces a learned attraction to the volatile urinary odor of the producer. It is more than 50 years since the term pheromone was proposed to label a category of chemical signals produced by one member of a species that elicit a definite response in another member of the same species. Since then, many pheromones have been identified in invertebrates, but the concept is less easily applied to vertebrates and especially to mammals.

ISPNE is an interdisciplinary, professional organization comprised of scholars and researchers who coordinate their experiences of research areas dealing with hormones and the brain. One of the main issues addressed in Dr. Cutler's presentation, Human Sex Attractant Pheromones: Discovery, Research, and Development, was the role in pheromonal receptivity of the Vomeronasal organ in humans.


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