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Yup, latex condoms are great — but some people are allergic to latex. According to the CDC, about one to six percent of the general population has a latex allergywhile eight to 12 percent of health care workers — who are regularly exposed to latex — also have a latex allergy. The symptoms usually include itching, rash, hives, and redness, as well as a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and asthma.

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Fortunately for anyone with a latex allergy or sensitivity, people have been having sex and using various materials as makeshift condoms for far longer than latex has been around. The first reported condoms were allegedly made from things like linen, leather and hollowed out horns talk about getting horny, amirite?? But don't worry, we don't have to resort to that anymore.

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Instructions: Avoid excess heat. Store at room temperature. Fabric Care Instructions: None.

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Most male condoms available for sale in the U. They all meet the same FDA standards and are considered to be an effective way to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. According to Planned Parenthood, when it comes to HIV, using a condom makes sex 10, times safer than not using a condom. Planned Parenthood is such a strong advocate of condom use, the national health network dispenses them free at all its centers nationwide.

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Lifestyles SKYN condoms are a brand of non-latex condoms. SKYN condoms are designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse for contraception or as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Lifestyles SKYN condoms are one of only a handful of available brands of non-latex condoms.

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Condoms by Brand Condoms by Brand. Condoms by Size Condoms by Size. Condoms by Type Condoms by Type.

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Latex free condoms are thinner than latex condoms, so they increase sensitivity and are more agreeable in feel and appearance to many men. Unlike latex condoms, non-latex condoms can be used with water and oil-based lubricants. Latex free condoms also conduct heat, making them very popular with couples.

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Instructions: 1. Use a new condom for every sex act. Lesions, pre-ejaculate secretions, semen, vaginal secretions and blood can all transmit infectious organisms.

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Instructions: For maximum protection, read and follow the instructions and caution advice printed inside this carton. Avoid excess heat. Store at room temperature.

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