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Nobody running for office should be espousing that anyone should have less opportunity and less rights than anyone else. The statement seemed like damage control for Liz, whose Wyoming U. Senate bid has been faltering.

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Candace is the half-sibling [1] of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrichwho is more than 20 years Candace's senior. Although Gingrich's sexual orientation was publicly reported on as early as[6] they first gained significant press attention in as a spokesperson for gay rights. Gingrich has guest-starred on the television sitcom Friends in Januaryin which they officiated over a commitment ceremony for two recurring characters in the episode " The One With the Lesbian Wedding.

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Newt Gingrich might be confident he's got the votes to be the Republican presidential nominee, but he may have trouble convincing his own family to support him. The gay half-sister of the ex-House Speaker said Wednesday she's going to stick with President Obama because of her sibling's stance on same-sex marriage. Gingrich-Jones, a gay rights activist at the Human Rights Campaign, said she and her half-brother are "mutually respectful" of each other, but she would "work really, really hard to make sure that President Obama is re-elected next year no matter who the Republican candidate is.

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While the Republican goes gunning for gays to boost his hardline GOP credentials, his lesbian activist sister will be rooting for the President. Can their 'respectful' family bond survive the strain? As we're sitting down to lunch at a restaurant in Washington DC, a smartly dressed man approaches Candace Gingrich-Jones.

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Your brother doesn't have to be speaker of the House for your voice to be heard in America - but it sure doesn't hurt. Gingrich, 28, started work Tuesday at the Human Rights Campaign Fund as spokeswoman for its National Coming Out Project, a campaign to urge gay men and lesbians to tell people about their sexual orientation in hopes of ending discrimination. Gingrich will split the next six months between traveling and working at the campaign fund's Washington office as a health policy intern, said David Smith, a fund spokesman.

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Magazine article Newsweek. A year-old computer technician from Harrisburg, Pa. But she is fast becoming a political symbol.

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It's what passes for vision in today's Republican party: recognizing a new political reality and not closing your eyes in denial. Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio showed they have it when they called for a more inclusive party following Mitt Romney's defeat. Romney showed he doesn't have it when he blamed that defeat on "gifts" the president handed out to his base.

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Ask Candace Gingrich-Jones what people don't know about her older brother, and she'll tell you about his lighter side. I could not support the campaign of somebody who doesn't think I deserve the same rights as other people. They're all positions his sister finds surprising, particularly in light of their longstanding personal relationship, which she characterized as "uncle-niece-like. The two, who never lived in the same house together, have had regular encounters over the years, joining the extended family at holiday gatherings or on summer trips to the beach or amusement parks with the kids.

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Donald Trump had reportedly narrowed down his Vice Presidential choices to three homophobes— Newt GingrichMike Penceand Chris Christie —before settling on the rabidly antigay Pence, as the sensible world shook with fear. But Candace counteracts all that with elan. We spoke before the announcement, but I included an update.

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The GOP front-runner's gay younger sister has defined her life and career in opposition to Gingrich's politics -- but they still love each other like family. Candace Gingrich-Jones, the lesbian younger sister of Newt Gingrich, has never seen eye to eye with her brother politically. And yet she owes her career as a gay activist -- she's been an official at the Human Rights Campaign for 16 years -- to the former speaker of the House and current Republican presidential front-runner. Gingrich-Jones, now 45, is a tiny woman with short, sandy hair, a passion for rugby, and a disarmingly forthright manner.


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