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Babies make a lot of movements that are often mistaken for seizures, including having a quivering chin, trembling hands, and jerky arm movements. Fortunately, these types of movements are usually normal. Babies can have seizures, though, so if your baby is doing something that you think might be a seizure, you should discuss it with your pediatrician.

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By three months, most babies have almost completely taught themselves to hold their heads up and move their necks around to a 90 degree angle, when lying on their tummies. To encourage this in your baby, hold a toy above her eyeline so she is forced to lift their head to see it. You may also notice that if you hold your baby up, and her feet are placed against a flat surface, she will be able to bear her weight and give the appearance of standing.

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By Cathie Kryczka Nov 11, You get to know the ups and downs of his day, his favourite toys and soon, the best pictures in his board book. He shows you who his favourite people are that would be you!

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Babies should be fed when they indicate hunger. Many newborns are very sleepy in the early days or weeks and may not exhibit hunger cues as often as they actually need to eat. Newborns should be nursed anytime they cue hunger, but at least every 2 hours during the day and at least once during the night.

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Older children can tell you when they're hungry, but newborns and infants can't. Well, at least not with words. But, babies can communicate what they need in other ways.

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A: If nursing is not the blissful bonding you were expecting, don't worry. Some squirming is normal, but if your baby is especially thrashy, she could be frustrated. One possibility is that your milk is coming out like gangbusters, making it hard for her to keep up.

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Babies move a lot during sleep, and they even grunt and cry while their brains are sleeping. In fact, they are so active that all babies would be sleepwalkers…if they could walk. REM sleep is a period of muscle paralysis in adults, but not so in babies.

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A breastfeeding baby can have different nursing personalities. Some are cute, some are annoying, and some can even be painful. There are ways to deal with these personalities without getting frustrated or making baby upset at feeding time.


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