Asian female rappers

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There are so many dope female rappers in the U. S, but have you ever considered listening outside of that range? There are so many talented rappers all over the world, and in East Asia, these female rappers are changing the view on rap and hip hop.

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Like all women, Kim Lee wears a lot of hats in life: DJ, producer, model, hip hop head, cat mama and, most recently, the new host of Yo! MTV Raps. In the spirit of International Women's Day, the Los Angeles native shares her experience as a woman entering the music industry, and reveals four of her fav female rappers.

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Albums, mixtapes, and E. At only nine years old, Tay has managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers, and become associated with rappers such as Woah Vicky, Lil Pump, and Chief Keef. Checkout some of the remixes made by rapper Nazdy!

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Without a doubt, these guys know how to spit sick bars and drop heavy beats. Just take a look at Korea, China, Taiwan, and you can see the influence of hip-hop in not just the music, but in their fashion sense and attitude as well. Case study numero unoRich Chigga. Since then, Chigga has gone on to release several other songs and has toured the United States.

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When we think of Asian women, does dropping sick bars and moving through fresh beats the first thing that crosses our minds? Probably not. The women on this list probably spits on those stereotypes on a daily with their sharp wit and heavy rhymes.

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Over the past few years, rap has become a hot music genre in China. R ap music has become a hot music genre in China over the past years. The rap competition, produced by iQiyi, is among the best-viewed entertainment shows of China over the past two years; some of its recent episodes have already received up to million views on online video platform iQiyi alone.

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When people think of Asian musicians, they typically think about two things: " Gangnam Style " and classical music. But no longer. Asians face crippling stereotypes in many different artistic fieldsbut in music especially they've long been pigeon-holed as strictly classical musicians or exotic dance pop producers.

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This awesome lady is a Korean-American Christan hip-hop singer who is not here to mess around. Addressing topics such as immigration and her struggles as a Filipino in Canada, Tagalog, and Cebuano, HanHan creates music that other young Filipino immigrants can relate to. When Obama visited Vietnam induring his presidency, Suboi rapped at one of his town hall style meetings with young Vietnamese people. The rap was about stereotypes of rapping not being for women.

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Asian hip hop is a heterogeneous musical genre that covers all hip hop music as recorded and produced by artists of Asian origin. The Philippines is known to have had the first hip-hop music scene in Asia since the early s, largely due to the country's historical connections with the United States The intimate relationship between hip-hop culture and the large Filipino American community along the United States West Coast naturally resulted in the exportation of rap music back to the Philippines. Numerous cassette tapes, videos, books and magazines concerning hip hop issues and popular rap artists would be sent out by Filipinos to family members back in the islands.

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Hip-hop, a genre which bloomed out of a counter narrative in response to a system whose hands were wrapped tightly around the necks of its people, is one of counter culture's greatest byproducts. Long before the term hip-hop was coined, it was happening. And throughout the years, women in hip-hop have driven the culture forward, watering it into full bloom. Women who have helped develop the art form and shape cultural legacies that outwear the test of time and collectively make up what can be thought of as a Mount Rushmore of G.


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