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Hello everybody. Regular readers to my blog might know that my blog posts are often inspired by things I see on twitter. Once upon a time in Twitterland there was a beautiful fairy called Becky.

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A lawyer by trade, Maddie has a flair for writing and art criticism that makes Critique My Dick Pic entertaining, arousing, and occasionally even heartwarming. Her critiques are gentle and constructive. She assigns letter grades for submissions, and encourages senders to keep upping their game:.

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Got dick pics? A study by security firm McAfee found that 49 percent of Americans have sexted. To better understand the mind-set of why men Snapchat us these mini-masterpieces, we asked them.

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Do you ever just look at a man and think: 'What's going on here, then? I often see them walking about in public, with their T-shirts and their jeans, and it just seems stressful. Have you ever seen two men try to have a meaningful conversation? What do they do when they're alone?

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Sign in. Watch our trailer of trailers. In this mockumentary, professional dick pic photographer Leiah Dykstra, her muse Brendan, and her clients, show us how Leiah is turning dick pic photography into an avant garde form of art.

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Dick pics - if not explicitly asked for - are gross. You may have your own method of dealing with this fuckery I tend to blink rapidly, hoping the image of an erect, pasty penis won't be forever burned into my retinas - and then swiftly block and report. But, if you're up for more creative ways of replying, and don't mind engaging with these absolute arseholes, here's some ideas from inventive Reddit users.

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The Philip K. Dick Film Festival gives a special thanks to our proud sponsors, old and new, for helping us through out the years. Rob Niosi and Ronald Mallet.

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The process is as unglamorous as it sounds. After handing over the requisite cash, a client is instructed to send a few self-shot photos to their selected dick-rater. He declared me a wizard with words and left me a glowing review. The precise history of dick rating, as a genre of kink, is murky.

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Through interviewing 30 of my straight friends 18 girls and 12 guysI started to notice a few things about the heterosexual dating world. What seemed to be happening within these interactions is that guys would misinterpret signs as sexual, and this misunderstanding seemed to be symptomatic of a much larger problem, that guys were lacking an understanding of what consent means, and what sexual respect is. While we tend to think about dick pics as something that nobody asks for, there were definitely some girls who specifically requested them.

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A s every single person knows, navigating through the minefield that is dating in the 21st century is no easy feat. Whether you like it or not, apps that are meant to make dating easier, such as Tinder and Bumble, sadly also carry the risk of unwelcome and distressing interactions. In fact, with technology infiltrating every aspect of our private lives, this unwelcome input from male strangers has become so normal that — just like wolf-whistling on the street — it is frequently ignored and brushed off and, in some cases, even laughed about.


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