Pediatric trigger thumb surgery

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The tendons that bend the thumb pass through a series of ligamentous pulleys, which hold the tendons close to the bones. Normally, the tendons and the pulleys have a slick lining tensoynoviumallowing for easy gliding of the tendons as they pass through the pulley. In adults, the triggering is usually painful.

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Congenital trigger thumb is a trigger thumb in infants and young children. Triggering, clicking or snapping is observed by flexion or extension of the interphalangeal joint IPJ. In the furthest stage, no extension is possible and there is a fixed flexion deformity of the thumb in the IPJ.

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Back to Trigger finger. The treatment for trigger finger depends on the severity of your symptoms and how long you've had them. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDssuch as ibuprofenmay also be helpful in relieving any pain.

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A trigger finger or thumb happens when trying to bend or straighten the finger or thumb. It locks or catches and does not move freely. In children, it is often first seen when the child is older than 1 year of age. This means you have access to leading specialists from multiple departments who work together to treat your child.

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Their thumb may lock in a bent position. If the thumb locks, your child can pull it straight using their other hand. Or you can pull it straight for them.

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At the time of the last follow-up, all patients had returned to full activities without functional limitations or pain and were satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. There was no recurrence of triggering or MP hyperextension deformity. The results from this study demonstrate that the trigger thumb in children with concomitant MP hyperextension laxity can be treated safely with predictable results by releasing the A1 pulley and advancing the volar plate.

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A small transverse incision is made over the A1 pulley at the MP flexion crease of the thumb. Care is taken during dissection and release to avoid injury to the very superficial digital nerves of the thumb. The A1 pulley and any accessory pulley are released.

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The pathophysiology is stenosing tenosynovitis of the flexor pollicis longus FPL tendon. There is ongoing debate as to whether the condition is present at birth or develops early postnatally. Results from numerous observational studies support the latter assertion.

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Pediatric trigger finger, also known as congenital trigger finger, is a condition affecting the flexor tendon of the finger or thumb. Symptoms occur when there is a size mismatch between the tendon and the sheath that surrounds the tendon. In pediatric trigger finger there is often a nodule a benign thickening of the tendon that catches on the overlying sheath causing the finger or thumb to trigger.


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