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However, if you like your or your partners bum smooth, getting your ass hair removed can not only be a revelation to your health but also to your quality of life. Anal Hygiene. Arguably the dirtiest part of the human body, your ass has a lot of bacteria.

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There I was, naked from the waist down, to wax my butt, clutching my knees and trying to act like this was not the most vulnerable position possible. I thought pulling out the tiny saplings that had recently begun sprouting on my year old face was a secret. Now Charlotte had brought the unmentionable out into the open.

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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Not that butt hair is a rare thing: You have it, I have it, the Kardashians have it or they did at one point, anyway.

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As women, we know how important it is to take care of our vaginas. But it's time you showed your booty some love, too. That's why we asked some top butt doctors—a. And yes…we love the poop emoji.

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More and more people want to learn how to wax their anus. Whether for reasons of hygiene or aesthetics, this trend has grown a lot in recent times. Some sexual practices are associated with this new tendency.

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Every man goes on a unique journey as he discovers his internal world of manscaping. Still, there are certain stops along the path that are common to all of us. One of those can be found when we finally acknowledge that we have a hairy anus.

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Perianal hair is hair located immediately around the anus. While having perianal hair might cause you embarrassment, this hair occurs naturally and is not cause for concern. The process of removing perianal hair is more complicated than removing hair from your legs or underarms because the area is difficult to see and the skin around the anal opening is often sensitive and easily irritated. Wash the perianal area gently with mild soap and warm water.

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What is a Brazilian bikini wax? Brazilian waxing refers to hair removal around the anus, perineum and vagina. To some people it means removing all the hair from the bikini area, and to others it means removing everything but a strip in the front.

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Enrique Ramirez is a licensed esthetician. Porn, as well as the Kardashians, have been credited with helping to popularize the trend. And by "below the belt," we mean way below the belt.


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