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Self-described "menstrual designer" Jen Lewis has released a macrophotography project where she takes photos of her menstrual blood in water, The Huffington Post reports. The project, titled "Beauty in Blood," was inspired by Lewis developing a closer relationship with her period after she switched to menstrual cups and started finally seeing that her period wasn't as disgusting as she'd always thought it was. Lewis said she saw plenty of images of blood in the media all the time, but it was only in scenes where violence was happening and menstrual blood was never depicted, so she aimed to change that.

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A SEX coach is smearing menstrual blood on her face in a bid to end the stigma and shame around periods. Demetra, who lives in LA, California, had her first period aged 12, but was ashamed of it and thought it was disgusting. She would try and hide her period from boyfriends, and worried about bleeding through her clothes.

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An artist whose image of herself with blood on her bed and trousers was removed from Instagram has denied uploading the picture to be provocative, saying it was aimed at challenging the taboos surrounding menstruation instead. Rupi Kaur uploaded an image onto the social networking site for a menstruation-themed photo series developed by her and her sister Prabh. The image, which was taken by Prabh, shows Ms Kaur lying down on a bed fully clothed with two spots of blood visible on her clothes and on the sheet.

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Amenorrhea may be accompanied by other symptoms, depending on the cause. For example, women may develop masculine characteristics virilizationsuch as excess body hair hirsutisma deepened voice, and increased muscle size. They may have headaches, vision problems, or a decreased sex drive.

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There are a few benefits to having sex during your time on the month, but one in particular will appeal to most women. Many people find the idea a bit gross and uncomfortable, while others really don't see what the fuss is about and carry on as normal. But it turns out there might be some surprising advantages to getting it on during that time of the month.

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All photos: Nolwen Cifuentes. Get over it! There's no doubt that, unfortunately, there's still a bit of a taboo linked to period sex, probably because there's still a great deal of shame attached to periods themselves.

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Guys who are into periods? At the time, I was skeptical. Some reasons are physical and hormonal; others practical; and many more are tied to erotic associations and pride in reveling in the uncensored female body.

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Whether you've read about it online or had chats with your girlfriends, by now you've heard that period sex can be pretty amazing. Plus, lots of men are finally admitting that they're into itso it's unlikely you'll face much resistance from them if you want to give it a whirl. For those who are curious, here's everything you need to know about having sex on your period so that you and okay, your partner too can have a mind-blowing experience. If you feel so aroused during your period that the thought of waiting six days for sex is about as awful as a day in a torture chamber, you're not alone.


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