Americans wish to impeach dick cheney

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When the Founding Fathers crafted the U. Constitution, they wanted to be sure that the president, vice president, and other ranking officials could be evicted more easily than the British monarchy. To ensure that the process would be swift and certain, they made it simple: Only two conditions must be met.

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President Richard M. Nixon waves goodbye from the steps of his helicopter outside the White House on Aug. They maintain their view is about far more than which party controls the White House.

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Articles of Impeachment Against George W. The Impeachment of George W. The wellspring of their discontent?

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Amidst the growing anger over the Bush administration's handling of the war, some Democrats want to impeach Dick Cheneyif not George Bush, for getting the US into this ghastly mess. Cleveland's liberal Democratic congressman and presidential contender, Dennis Kucinich, initiated proceedings this springarguing in part that Cheney has "purposely manipulated the intelligence process to deceive the citizens and the Congress of the United States by fabricating a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to justify the use of the United States armed forces against the nation of Iraq in a manner damaging to our national security" and "that preceding the March invasion of Iraq, the vice president was fully informed that no legitimate evidence existed of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The vice president pressured the intelligence community to change their findings to enable the deception of the citizens and the congress of the United States.

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They also said that Bush--Cheney policies precipitated torture, illegal spying on American citizens, and the curtailment of privacy and civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism. If the numbers are in the streets, Congress will listen. Any impeachment motion -- ultimately voted on by the House of Representatives -- would have to pass through the House Judiciary Committee, to which Waters belongs.

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Bush to face impeachment, and even more favor that fate for Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a poll out Friday. The survey by the American Research Group found that 45 percent support the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against Bush, with 46 percent opposed, and a split in favor when it comes to Cheney. The study by the private New Hampshire-based ARG canvassed 1, Americans by telephone July and had an error margin of plus or minus three percentage points.

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In the fall ofRep. This was not too surprising — the Democratic Left had been floating the idea for some time, and Kucinich would later file articles against President Bush himself about seven months later. Moreover, Republicans had just impeached President Bill Clinton within recent memory, and the wounds were still open from that experience. What was unique about Kucinich's impeachment motion, however, was the House Republican minority's way of handling it.

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Public perception can beat the shit out of political nuance. The Bush Republicans know this and they have abused it for their own nefarious ends. The Democratson the other hand, have somehow overlooked this very basic rule of 21st Century American politics, which is a shame since they would more often than not use it for the betterment of the nation.

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Bush and now is leading the House through another moment when a vocal part of the electorate wants to end a presidency. But if I frame it that way, it gets more attention. The House impeaches and sends the case to trial in the Senate. Pelosi has been down this road before.


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