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Tonsillectomies are among the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the United States. There are two common reasons a surgeon might suggest removing your tonsils. Recurrent strep throat is the main reason for having a tonsillectomy, however a tonsillectomy may also be recommended to treat sleep apnea related to enlarged tonsils.

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According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgerymost tonsillectomies in children are done to correct breathing issues related to sleep apnea. About 20 percent of tonsillectomies in children are done because of repeated infections. In adults, tonsillectomy also has been shown to significantly improve breathing in those with sleep apnea when tonsils are enlarged.

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What do I mean by a lot? More than 25 times. SinceI tested positive for strep 7 times.

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If you're planning a tonsillectomy for yourself or your child, you probably want to know how long you should plan to take off from work or school. Since everyone is different, there's no exact answer to the question—your body will heal on its own time. That said, kids tend to recover in a few days, while it can take adults as long as a couple of weeks to feel better. This, however, can be affected by factors such as how the procedure is performed.

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This page provides information about the tonsils and surgery of the tonsils including reasons surgery may be recommended, risks associated with surgery, and postoperative instructions. The Tonsils are located in the throat near the base of the tongue. The Adenoids are located in the back of the nose.

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The tonsils are 2 small masses of tissue at the back of the throat. This helps the body fight disease. In some people, the tonsils become infected or enlarged.

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See hospital and staff awards. Winchester Hospital was the first community hospital in the state to achieve Magnet designation, recognition for nursing excellence. Learn why.

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This webpage will give you information about a tonsillectomy. If you have any questions, you should ask your GP or other relevant health professional. A tonsillectomy is an operation to remove the tonsils, part of a group of lymphoid tissues like the glands in your neck that help to fight off infection from germs that are breathed in or swallowed. Tonsillitis happens if the tonsils become infected see figure 1.

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Tonsils are collections of lymphoid tissue in the oral cavity. There is a tonsil on each side at the back of the mouth, they are usually visible with the uvula hanging down between them. Being lymphoid tissue they play a role in immune function.

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Are you suffering from a chronic throat infection that is causing pain? According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, there are generally five-hundred thousand tonsillectomies performed each year in the United States. Tonsillectomies are a very common pediatric procedure performed by an ENT in a hospital or clinic, so most involve patients that are children. Palatine tonsils are fleshy pads on either side of the back of your throat.


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