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Sexing marijuana plants might be considered as one of the most delicate parts of growing your own marijuana. While the process might be very straightforward, it sure will be a lot easier as you learn from experience. Just remember that the key to sexing marijuana plants is to observe the flowering, in which you can determine depending on the growth pattern.

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July 14, July 8, July 6,

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Cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire across the US, Canada and in many other countries around the world. A lot of people unintentionally make growing harder than it needs to be, but that ends now! Growing cannabis plants is actually pretty straightforward, and almost anyone with a few extra minutes a day and a spare closet or a garden in the backyard can grow their own professional-quality buds at home.

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Some growers are attracted to the idea of from seed, because it means that harvest will come sooner. How long does it take to grow a plant from seed to harvest? But does the from seed technique work to give you a faster harvest, and if so, what are the results?

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Log in or Sign up. I've been searching on this subject since, apparently, it matters what sex your plantand I can't seem to pull up any results. I've tried using several different terms to find this information to no avail, so now I post yet another noobie question: How early can you determine sex of your seedlings?

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We need to reconcile this with the "category:sexaul anatomy". Apologies if there is a better, higher-level forum for discussion of this issue. I've looked over a great deal of the wikipedia pages about human genitalia, as well as the wiki commons photos in those categories.

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Much like humans and most animals, cannabis reproduction usually starts with a male and a female plant. However, contrary to vertebrates, the sex of plants can not be predetermined. Hermaphroditism can naturally occur in every life form on earth. Usually, regular marijuana seeds are equally male and female.

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Growing cannabis is highly rewarding and cost efficient compared to purchasing it yourself once you get the process down pat. Once you have the process and get some experience you can go from seed to joint in about 9 weeks. The ideal time frame tends to be about 4 months for a good combination of speed and yield.

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Most species of squirrels -- rodents that inhabit various regions across the globe -- can be grouped as tree or ground squirrels. The sex of a squirrel is difficult to determine if attempting to go by obvious physical characteristics, because male and female squirrels are usually of the same size, shape and color. Both male and female squirrels are communal, interacting with other squirrels within their immediate living area.


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