Chest wall breast cancer

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Cells in the body normally divide reproduce only when new cells are needed. Sometimes, cells in a part of the body grow and divide out of control, which creates a mass of tissue called a tumor. If the cells that are growing out of control are normal cells, the tumor is called benign not cancerous.

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Recurrent breast cancer is breast cancer that comes back after initial treatment. Although the initial treatment is aimed at eliminating all cancer cells, a few may have evaded treatment and survived. These undetected cancer cells multiply, becoming recurrent breast cancer.

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We will be updating all our articles on staging in the near future. If a breast biopsy confirms that breast cancer is indeed the diagnosis, the staging process begins. The staging process shows the progression of the breast cancer.

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While many women go to the doctor after finding a lump, every woman should also be aware of other changes to the breast or nipple. For example, invasive ductal carcinoma IDCwhich forms in the milk ducts, may cause a distinct breast lump that you can feel. Invasive lobular carcinoma ILCwhich forms in milk-producing glands, may cause a thickening in the breast.

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Stage 3 cancer means the breast cancer has extended to beyond the immediate region of the tumor and may have invaded nearby lymph nodes and muscles, but has not spread to distant organs. Although this stage is considered to be advanced, there are a growing number of effective treatment options. The difference is determined by the size of the tumor and whether cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and surrounding tissue.

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Although breast cancer became curable during the last decade, individuals treated for breast carcinoma remain at risk of local or distant recurrence indefinitely, depending on various factors. Local recurrence is commonly considered a first sign of treatment failure. This may occur contralaterally on the other breast or ipsilaterally on the same side as the initial cancer, either in the remaining breast tissue or on the chest wall.

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Stage 3 means that the cancer has spread from the breast to lymph nodes close to the breast or to the skin of the breast or to the chest wall. Stage 3B means the tumour has spread to the skin of the breast or the chest wall. The cancer has made the skin break down an ulcer or caused swelling.

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A breast cancer recurrence, or "recurrent breast cancer," is cancer that has come back in the same or opposite breast or chest wall after a period of time when the cancer couldn't be detected. During surgery to remove an original diagnosis of breast cancer lumpectomy or mastectomythe surgeon removes all the cancer that can be seen and felt. But tests for cancer aren't sensitive enough to detect tiny groups of cancer cells that may be left over after surgery.

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What is chest wall pain? Diagnosis 4. Coping with chest wall pain.

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