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Not for those who easily blush, this was the actual subject of a recently published research study. The question they wanted to answer was whether the noises a woman makes during sex are voluntary or a reflex, or consequence, of orgasm. The researchers were interested in exploring the relationship between sexual vocalizations and orgasm.

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Enter Cliovanaa painless, noninvasive treatment which aims to increase arousal levels, orgasm frequency, and orgasm intensity by stimulating the clitoris via sound waves. I had to know: Was this the future of better orgasms? Because what many of us have long thought of as the clitoris—that external almond-size nib Oster was talking about—is just the tip, as a fellow writer put it, of the clitoral iceberg.

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While many of the types of orgasm I am going to talk about here can be experienced by both men and women, we often tend to think of the female orgasm as being the one that is more multi-dimensional and multi-faceted as women tend to more readily be able to experience multiple orgasms. A female orgasm is non-linear, expansive, and potentially can last for much longer than what most of us are accustomed to. Or another way to look at it would be to describe the qualities in terms of Yang and Yin.

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By Tess Barker. B efore I saw sex, and certainly before I had it, I heard it. Throughout my adult life, I would hear that breath-filled aria countless times.

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Illustration by Grace Wilson. In honor of Valentine's Day, we're spending the week debunking myths and lies about romance. Read the rest of our "Love is a Hoax" coverage here.

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If we're honest with ourselves, most of us have no idea what sex actually sounds like outside our own bedrooms. The closest thing we ever hear to real sex aside from the muffled noises of our roommates or neighbors through too-thin walls are the overzealous, often ludicrous yips and moans of porn. Sure, most of us realize it's unrealistic to expect a woman to bellow with such force while giving a blow job -- or seem to be on the edge of climax for 20 minutes without ever actually climaxing.

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Female copulatory vocalizationsalso called female copulation calls or coital vocalizationsare produced by female primatesincluding human femalesand female non-primates. Copulatory vocalizations usually occur during sexual intercourse and are hence related to sexual activity. In primatescopulation calling is typically observed at the end of mating [2] and there are vast variations between species regarding its occurrence, frequency and form.

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I n the early s, the accordionist and musical improviser Pauline Oliveros wrote the soundtrack for a feminist porn film called The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop. Along the way, we get a spectacular sonic counterpart of drones, glitches, bleeps, twangs and pulsations. Conventional porn music this is not: no sultry saxophones, no oily bass guitars.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Raise your hand if you've ever had a partner roll over post-sex and ask, "Did you come?

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Rats have similar physiological reactions to humans when it comes to sex, and perhaps also to orgasm. In fact, a good deal of what we know about what happens in our brains during orgasm comes from the laboratory rat. While much of what happens in the brain during human orgasm remains a mysterydecades of research by scientists has helped unravel some of the secrets. One of the main reasons why some aspects of research have advanced so much so far is the use of animals in research.


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