Music of the virgin islands

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In the Caribbean, African rhythms were fused with European elements creating new Creole musical forms that continue to develop into unique musical expressions today. In the Virgin Islands you can hear Caribbean rhythms, intoxicating steel drums, high-energy dance music, spiritual hymns, soca, reggae, blues, salsa, meringue, jazz, classical and an assortment of other music genres. While a variety of music types are played in the Virgin Islands, it is calypso, soca, reggae and steel pan beats that are the sounds of the Caribbean must often heard.

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Click here to learn more about what to see and do in the U. Virgin Islands. Waterfront Tuesday, Two for Tuesdays Specials all night!

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Traditionally using homemade instruments made from everyday objects, along with bongos, washboards, calabash and ukuleles, the eminently danceable sound of rural Fungi folk music has a rough, ramshackle quality. Alongside more traditional, western instruments such as saxophone, bass and piano, the crude, rhythmic sound was made by using items such as a hollowed, serrated gourd to make a squash, which is a traditional Caribbean percussive instrument, flutes made from canes, blown car pipes and banjos fashioned from wood, strings and tins. The grassroots origins of Scratch music can be traced back to Africa and the days of slavery in the British Virgin Islands under Danish and British rule.

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Everyone knows ska, reggae, roots, calypso, and soca. These headlining Caribbean musical forms are rightfully world-famous, but they barely scratch the surface of all the distinctive sounds developed in our home region. In the U. Virgin Islandsfor instance, steelpan music from Trinidad may form the soundtrack of carnival celebrations, as pictured above, but our real home-grown music sounds a whole lot different… Ever heard of scratch music?

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Quelbe music, the official folk music of the Virgin Islands is receiving long overdue recognition and appreciation. Quelbe music was created from the fusion of Bamboula chants, Caruso songs, military fife, jigs and the various quadrilles. Quelbe can be described as a synthesis of Africa and Europe in the Caribbean Virgin Islands, expressed through the language of music, and shaped by the social condition of life in the region during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Fame and fortune, That's all they crave. And all it ever gets them Is an early grave. Quito's music can be ordered here.

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Please take a moment to review Hachette Book Group's updated Privacy Policy: read the updated policy here. The traditional music of the Virgin Islands is quelbe, also called scratch or fungi. A quelbe band consists of a banjo, a conga drum, a squash, and a triangle.

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Damaged power lines hang over a street after Hurricane Irma hit the U. Virgin Islands on Sept. That same month, another Category 5 hurricane hit the U.

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Quelbe is the official music style of the Virgin Islands, characterized by call-and-response singing and drumming, accompanied by African-influenced dance. Stanley Jacobs, bandleader of Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights and retired psychiatrist, shares his history and experience with the old-yet-new dance music. Though once overshadowed by other music styles from America and the Caribbean islands, Quelbe climbed the social ladder as the Virgin Islands focused on instilling the cultural heritage.

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The music of the Virgin Islands reflects long-standing West Indian cultural ties to the island nations to the south, the islands' African heritage and European colonial history, as well as recent North American influences. From its neighbors, the Virgin Islands has imported various pan-Caribbean genres of music, including calypso and soca from Trinidad and reggae from Jamaica. The major indigenous form of music is the scratch band also called Fungi band in the British Virgin Islandswhich use improvised instruments like gourds and washboards to make a kind of music called Quelbe.


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