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A breast lump mass is a thickening or bump that feels different from surrounding breast tissue. A lump may be discovered in a breast incidentally, during a breast self-examination, or during a routine physical examination by a doctor. See also Overview of Breast Disorders.

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If you experience any of these symptoms, get medical attention right away. Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer. How to Wash Your Hands.

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M ost women had the importance of breast health drilled into their heads from an early age. They grew up understanding that they should call the doctor at the first sign of a lump in their breast. But many women were never told how to identify such a mass: What would it feel like?

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A breast massalso known as a breast lumpis a localized swellings that feel different from the surrounding tissue. Causes include fibrocystic changefibroadenomasbreast infectiongalactocelesand breast cancer. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

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There's a pretty common belief out there that if a weird lump arises on your breastyou might be able to feel around to determine if it's a benign cyst or a tumor. Let's be super-clear up front: Only a doctor can actually tell you what any new lump or bump on your breast might be, whether it's a benign cyst or, more rarely, a potential sign of breast cancer. With that said, since all breast bumps aren't created equal, different types sometimes have characteristic features that you can pick up on through your skin.

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A breast lump is a growth of tissue that develops within your breast. Finding a lump in your breast can be frightening and provoke anxiety. Most breast lumps aren't dangerous, but it's important to see your doctor to have them evaluated promptly.

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Medically reviewed by Harold J. Burstein, MD, PhD. Although breast cancer is the most common cancer found in womenmost breast lumps are not cancer.

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Don't panic. Nearly eighty percent of all breast lumps are benign non-cancerous. Benign breast lumps are usually moveable and smooth, and can often be found in both breasts.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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There are many possible causes of non-cancerous benign breast lumps. Two of the most common causes of benign single breast lumps are cysts and fibroadenomas. In addition, several other conditions can present themselves as lumps, such as fat necrosis and sclerosing adenosis. A breast abscess is a pocket of pus that causes inflammation and a sore lump in the breast.


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